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Our focus is on helping seniors with their Reverse Mortgage in Washington and Oregon who are looking to bring financial security to their retirement. Tony Meuers, with the backing of Finance of America Mortgage & Finance of America Reverse, has built a reputation on honesty, integrity and reliability.
Finance of America guided my wife and I through the complex process of a reverse mortgage.
Tony kept us up-to-date constantly and smoothed out the process. I highly recommend that you start your mortgage search with FoA and Tony Meuers
I would give Tony Meuers a five star rating. His service, knowledge and mortgage expertise is superb. I was referred to Tony while I was looking for a reverse mortgage for my 102 year old grandmother. My grandmother Ella, was in need of additional funds in order to cover her expenses for in home caregivers. Her monthly fee for such services was depleting her savings account rapidly and she need help quickly. Tony was able to provide her with the additional funds in order for her to stay in her home. This was a true blessing to obtain a reverse mortgage and live worry free. Tony was prompt in this process and made it very simple for Ella. I would highly recommend Tony and his staff for anyone in need of financing.
Want to thank you and your staff, for your advice and assistance in getting our financial situation resolved. As noted, Kathy and I have worked over 10 months in trying to purchase, exchange or reinvest in property. Figuring that as an Electrical/Electronic Engineer for over 40 plus years that I could DIY my own management of property. Didn’t take into account all the regulations with exchanging or selling property across state lines. After years working in an industry with good benefits, life after retirement would be easy. Found out that after retirement, my retirement and investments were useless, at least as far as aiding us in increasing our finances. Kathy and I have delayed our retirements in hopes of maximizing our remaining life. Our discussions with other mortgage lenders have been met with deaf ears. No one seemed to want to help. The fact that we owned property in California and Washington, this was not enough to get a loan. Our Social Security, IRA, and pensions were not enough monthly income. You and your team seemed to make things work. With the Reverse Mortgage, we were able to exchange property with the aid of the Reverse Mortgage program and it has really paid off with paying the health bills that my wife and I have accrued. As you know, my wife has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing chemo to eradicate the disease. The funds received from the Reverse Mortgage program has really helped in keeping us out of financial debt.
Bettie and I contacted Tony Meuers to get help understanding a reverse mortgage and how it might benefit us as we move forward into retirement. We had been given a recommendation. We have health as well as financial issues to consider. Tony was able to put us at ease. He answered all our questions and we decided to apply. I believe the HUD counselling was also helpful in our decision making process. Tony was able to guide us through the process with minimal stress and we closed very quickly. Thank you Tony for your efforts.
“Its clear that I have found a true professional in Tony. Your communication was the perfect blend of honesty, professionalism and efficiency – you truly went above and beyond!”
“From the first meeting, we felt comfortable asking all of our questions. We will definitely refer friends to Tony. Thank you.”
“Costs and fees are what are expected closing times are reasonable and as promised. It is a pleasure working with Tony Meuers.”
“Again everything was correct and was easy for us. THANK YOU Tony Meuers! You rock!!”
“Tony makes sure that the paperwork is completed correctly and submitted on time. Easiest financing I’ve ever done.”
“My husband and I would give 10 stars if we could!”
A reverse mortgage fits me well for what I wanted
A reverse mortgage fits me well for what I wanted and I found Finance of America Reverse online. I started with them and I liked how everything was going so I stayed with it. The application process was excellent. Everything was very good and went smooth. Including underwriting, the process took about six weeks. Everything was good with the loan officer too. I was very comfortable working with Mark and I was impressed with how he kept on things. He kept me informed on what stage the mortgage was at that particular time through the whole process. He kept me up-to-date on everything and I talked to him every two or three days. Also, the rate and terms of the reverse mortgage were excellent. I’m very pleased with Finance of America Reverse and everything in this experience was an A+.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
My mother had a previous reverse mortgage with Finance of America
My mother had a previous reverse mortgage with Finance of America and we redid it as the value of the property had gone up. The gentleman I worked with there was very helpful and he stayed in contact regularly. Applying with them was very simple and the rate they gave me was very competitive.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
I screwed up my finances and had a bad credit rating
I screwed up my finances and had a bad credit rating. I had read a lot about reverse mortgages and it was a way out for me ‘cause I’ve retired a couple times and I’m not working at the moment. Kevin from Finance of America Reverse did a cold call for me and he was a great support. I was so worried about my credit rating that I was really apprehensive, but he was enthusiastic and he walked me through it. Working with them made my life 10 times better. Now I don’t have to worry about going to debtors’ prison.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
Finance of America Reverse was over the top in terms of satisfaction
Our experience with Finance of America Reverse was over the top in terms of satisfaction. We were thinking about refinancing to pay off some debts and came across their ad on the internet. The ad described the new, modern form of mortgage. I wanted to find out with no commitment and worked with a very nice guy. He sent me a package, but it didn’t have the right amount of money that I needed. It didn’t seem like the best program for me. Then I got a call from Jason who said they had many more packages and different kinds of programs. He asked if he could talk to me and I said yes.
Jason also sent me out a package. The interest rate was a little higher and there were some closing costs that they didn’t have with a normal mortgage, but there were all kinds of things about the new type of mortgage that work for a person like me. I was little top-heavy with credit card debt. I still had a significant mortgage and I have an expensive home in Santa Monica. A traditional refinance would require me to borrow some more money and I didn’t wanna go about that. Plus, assuming I passed away first, my kids would not necessarily want the house when my wife passes away.
My wife was skeptical and Jason talked to her independently. He also had my wife talked to her financial adviser independently. Her financial adviser also talked with Jason. Jason was nice and tremendous. He followed up the other day and made sure everything was fine. And when I have questions, he has been very helpful.
The new programs are very good because you own your own home. In the end, you’re gonna have a big mortgage if you choose not to pay some of these payments on a monthly basis, but that’s okay. What that means is the equity, which is substantial, may still be reduced because of the interplay between the equity and the amount of the mortgage.
Finance of America Reverse was efficient and worked through the process quickly. They needed two appraisals though, which is a silly requirement. Some of the appraisers in my life have just done a walkthrough because you don’t even need it. The house was inherently on a very expensive block in Santa Monica. It’s a good block with lots of equity. We have lots of equity but didn’t have a lot of free cash. We wanted to get the mortgage done. It was an absolutely liberating feeling.
We put the money into the debt and into retirement. We also put a little bit into a stock account. We feel really good. We could be making monthly interest payments, but we’re making them sporadically right now while everything gets set. I have nothing but resounding cheers. Finance of America Reverse is okay too, but Jason was out of the world in terms of being helpful. I would recommend him.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago
I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago, and I incurred a lot of debt. I talked to other lenders and ended up going with Finance of America Reverse because the rep that I was paired up with, Matt, was super to work with. He made sure to communicate frequently and I knew what was going on the whole process. I would recommend them to anybody wanting to do the same thing.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
Finance of America Reverse LLC understood my financial needs
I obtained other reverse mortgage quotes from multiple vendors in this industry and Finance of America Reverse LLC understood my financial needs in retirement and produced the best contract. Charles ** of Carmel, Indiana office listened to what I was trying to accomplish and was always available to answer all my questions and devise a plan to solve this problem with quick service and documentation. I trust his professional honesty and answers and that of Finance of America Reverse LLC and would recommend others to get their reverse mortgage through this company and agent. I was assisted at each step through the process and he produced the reverse mortgage in a timely manner. All details of documentation such as insurance evidence, photos, appraisal, notary signing and contract copies were assisted. I have now received my first of many monthly payments direct deposited to my account.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
I wanted a little more financial freedom
I wanted a little more financial freedom and a reverse mortgage was a reasonable thing to do. I contacted several providers and I got some confusing information from the others. When I got a hold of Finance of America, they explained the process very thoroughly and were very easy to communicate with. Their application process was very easy as well. I was guided through it by the lady that had helped me out, EJ, and she changed my life. She was made me feel extremely comfortable and I was really impressed. The other persons that I called felt more like salespeople. It was a life-changing project and a lot was involved and I wouldn’t jump in to something like that just right off the bat without knowing what the heck I was doing. 

And when we started to look at the numbers, everything that was communicated over the phone was in fact what showed up in the email and ultimately the final packet. It was a very helpful and educational process, so I felt comfortable knowing what I was getting myself into. Also, their percentage came in less than what we initially talked about. All in all, Finance of America Reverse offered me a whole lot better versus the other two companies that I interviewed. Other than that, there were multiple persons that I spoke to during the course of the transaction, from the notary that isn’t affiliated with them but they have linkage with, to the loan processor or person who called me, and everybody involved in the process was very understanding, knowledgeable, and patient. I have recommended Finance of America to others.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
I wanted my daughter to start her new business and I wanted to help her out
Finance of America Reverse is a good company to go with. They have all their ducks in a row to be able to accommodate you. I wanted my daughter to start her new business and I wanted to help her out. But I didn’t want to be strained doing that so I looked into doing a reverse mortgage. The people from Finance of America Reverse were very polite. They asked me a lot of questions about my financial situation and if that house which was paid and cleared for is mine. They also checked my credit. They talked to me about it and ways to improve it. The loan officer I worked with was a good guy too. He was friendly, pleasant and very punctual. He answered all my questions and kept me in the loop. The process was real easy. Thirty days and I was done. The rate was also reasonable and good. It was a great experience and the loan helped my daughter out tremendously. I also did some knick knacks, some updates, around the house.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
I am old enough where I wanna enjoy the rest of my life
I am old enough where I wanna enjoy the rest of my life and I needed the funds to do that. Finance of America Reverse has the jumbo reverse mortgage and they did a fabulous job when I went through the application process. The application and underwriting took about 30 days when I thought it was gonna take 90 days. It went smoothly because I have a clean slate when they did my credit and everything was fine when they checked out my background. It’s my first experience and David, the fellow who represented me, did everything he said he was gonna do. He was the only guy with the company that I talked to. Every time I called him, he responded and he answered my questions successfully. I was very happy with it. 

I took money upfront and then I get a monthly payment. Also, I got a fat flat rate in the beginning and now I get a monthly deposit in my checking account for five years. Now, I’m getting on with my life and I don’t need to worry for a while. I’m 76 years old and they say I only have five more years, so I’m gonna enjoy it. It was a wonderful experience with Finance of America Reverse and I’ve given Dave’s name to several people.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
Now we know that we are gonna have the money that we want if we wanna use it and we can do what we can to our house
We decided to keep the house of my mom and dad and not get rid of it. I did a lot of work on the outside. We’ve also done some work on the inside and got it up nicely. So, we decided to get some money and fix the house up so whenever we’re gone, my family will have something. We decided to go with Finance of America in getting a reverse mortgage. The application process was fairly easy. Everything was all right with the lending process. The loan officers were all nice and easy to get a hold of. Nicole, an adviser there, was really nice to us all the time. We liked the rate and terms of the reverse mortgage that we received. It was very nice and good, and it could not be any better. Now we know that we are gonna have the money that we want if we wanna use it and we can do what we can to our house. It’s a really nice home and it has been in the family for over 80 years. Everybody at Finance of America has been good to us.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
I didn’t wanna worry about losing my house
My husband had stage 4 cancer, and we ate through quite a bit of our savings during his illness. I also didn’t wanna worry about losing my house. I started out with three different companies, researched them, and talked with representatives of each company. I felt most comfortable with the fact that the representative from Finance of America Reverse was in Indiana, and all the others were in California. I thought somebody who was a little more local met or understood my needs better than somebody in California. Andrew was the name of my representative, and he was very personable. He was easy to talk to. He answered all my questions. He returned my calls or my emails very promptly. I did not feel pressured. One of the other companies, in particular, made me feel very pressured, and I didn’t appreciate that. Overall, it was a very good customer service with Finance of America Reverse.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.
We are confident we will be able to enjoy so many things we have previously only dreamed about with our increased cash flow
We just completed our reverse mortgage with the Finance of America Company and Toby Finegan and we are confident we will be able to enjoy so many things we have previously only dreamed about with our increased cash flow.
Thank you very much Toby Finegan!!
Working with Toby has been a pleasure. He was knowledgeable, attentive, and very communicative.
Toby would have been a great teacher……… he explained everything extremely well. There was no question about the reverse mortgage we ever felt uncomfortable asking him about or asked him to reexplain.
He kept us informed about everything that was going on. He made certain that all the different departments followed through and kept to their time tables and didn’t let any of the complicated paperwork fall through the cracks.
Our particular reverse mortgage hit a bit of an “ appraisal hiccup” half way through the process. Toby went above and beyond to make certain that it was all worked out to everyone’s satisfaction in a timely and pleasant manner.
In every aspect of this transaction, Toby was the consummate professional. We would highly recommend working with him. You will find it to be a very positive experience.
This testimonial is from Finance of America Reverse.

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